Seeking Advice on Selecting Appropriate Wines

I am part of a tasting group comprised of people preparing for the Certified Examination. Everyone has been through the Intro Course but I'm not sure we're always bringing wines that are true representations of the classic style and that we would see in an exam setting. How do you go about selecting wines for your tasting groups? How do you ensure a wine is appropriate?

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  • This is tough. The best way to be certain is having someone who is experienced (and mindful) picking the wines. If you don't have that as a resource, chart out all of your paradigms of markers for classic/testable grape varieties. Then, when you are tasting, see if they line up and build a list of what matches so you don't repeatedly bring the same wine that doesn't fit.

    I know there are groups and Seattle and Dallas that have done this, but I don't currently have access to those lists. Reach out to some folks in those cities and see if you can wrangle them. Fernando  Beteta (MS) keeps a list on his website, too, of producers he has found to be classic. Keep in mind, though, that a super classic producer can go off the rails in weird vintages. 

  • Thank you for the suggestions. I don't see the list on his website but I'll contact Fernando and see if he can help.

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