Seeking Advice on Selecting Appropriate Wines

I am part of a tasting group comprised of people preparing for the Certified Examination. Everyone has been through the Intro Course but I'm not sure we're always bringing wines that are true representations of the classic style and that we would see in an exam setting. How do you go about selecting wines for your tasting groups? How do you ensure a wine is appropriate?

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  • This has already been said but I think it’s huge to lean on the people around you who have done this before and simply just have more experience than you (at least for now!) when I was studying for certified I constantly asked my peers questions about what to taste and what not to. Being in a tasting group of experienced people really helped with that. Also this is a little off topic but investing in a coravin is huge. Being able to taste wines that can be sometimes hard to differentiate side by side without having to open the bottle so you could save it for another purpose later was so huge. Really helps solidify a lot of things and saves you money in the long run because we all know studying for the blind tasting isn’t cheap