What to do with my WSET Level 3 Study Guides?

I'm currently (patiently) waiting for the results of my Level 3 Exam -5 more weeks til results - ugh!  I made some really great study guides, which took me a very long time to create. I'm looking for advice on what to do with the guides? I'm currently planning to take the CSW Exam in April and I'm registered for the Philadelphia CMS Intro Course/Exam at the end of February. 

Should I continue with my current study guides and add new information learned from each other Associations' course? Is mixing the right thing to do?

I would ideally like to start the WSET Diploma course this fall (God willing I pass the Level3) - should I only combine the Level 3 with the future Diploma class of the WSET's?

Just looking for advice on what others who took multiple courses by various providers and their study and data organization strategy.

My best,


Just a snippet of the guides I painstakingly created.

  • Personally, I used all my WSET Level 3 notes to further build up my Certified Sommelier outlines I'd already built.  Any information you're compiling and organizing yourself can only make you better informed.

  • Hey Alex,

    I am actually trying to track down the WSET 3 Study Book right now as I cant obtain it until I enroll, and right now I cant enroll until I iron out some work travel for the year. Is there any chance at all that you would be interested in selling your WSET Level 3 Award in Wines book? Or are you planning on keeping it for reference? No pressure just wanted to ask :)



  • I would share them. I see lots of people on GuildSomm who are adamantly against sharing their notes because they believe it somehow takes away from actually learning the material... there is plenty of perspective to be gained by seeing someone else’s study guides and ideas. 

    Additinally- use outlines from other certification programs to add additional sub-sections of notes. Really fleshing out those study guides could provide even more material for review at later stages.