WSET Diploma Prep - The Tasting Form/Sheet

I am looking to embark upon the Diploma at the end of this year and am prepping for the tastings by reading and participating in regular  Wine tasting groups. I ALREADY USE the WSET Diploma SAT but I should like to make my tasting notes on the same tasting form used in the Diploma exams. However, as i am yet to register, i don't have access to them.

Having recently completed WSET Level 3, i wondered if the tasting forms used for that exam are the same as those used for the Diploma Unit 3 exams. Does anyone doing the Diploma know if the two are the same or how they differ?  I have never seen the tasting form that you need to fill in at Diploma level and would be grateful for any light that you could shed on the matter. Please illuminate me here or PM me at

Cheers and thanks for reading!!