MW Topic of the Week: Temperature in Winemaking


This week, we're back in Paper 2. Many Paper 2 essays can include direct or indirect calls to discuss the effects of temperature. So this week, I've selected the following question:

Temperature management is the key to modern winemaking. Discuss. (2017)

Uh oh, a black hole question for me! I get a bit over excited when responding to these technical questions. For me, this can lead to responses that get bogged down with details that are accurate but not always the most situationally relevant (see: anything I write on sulfur dioxide). To focus our study this week, I read through the examiner's report and found some guidance for tackling the question.

  • We need to discuss all the main winemaking stages - harvest, fruit storage/transport, processing, fermentation, bulk storage/aging. We could write a full essay on fermentation temperatures and forget to discuss the others.
  • Better papers were structured in the chronology of winemaking.
  • We need to provide temperature values. Ranges like 10-16°C may be seen as too broad.

Does anyone have a winemaking stage that they would like to discuss? Does anyone have specific examples for producers, temperatures, and why they select (or don't select) those temperatures?

Thanks for studying with , and I!