Diploma WSET D1 - Wine Production

Hi everyone,

I am taking the WSET Diploma D1 - Wine Production exam. Has anyone taken this exam recently? I know the format changed to an open-answer style exam which will most likely consist of 3 essay questions or more. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Joe, I took it at the end of last month in Chicago. The practice quiz I was sent had 5 questions on it and the actual exam was 4. The test were fairly different from each other as well.

    My advice would be that when you're taking the quiz remember that all questions are not weighted the same, and some of the different parts of the same question were not worth the same amount.

    For example:

    Define 'maritime climate' and give an example of a wine region of where this would be found (5% weighted)


    Describe the changes the grape is going through at these different stages:

    a) Flowering and Fruit set (10% weighted)

    b) Ripening and Verasion (15% weighted

    Also the other thing that WSET is keen on (or so we were told) is when you are writing, it is best to write it as if the person grading it has no knowledge of the things being discussed. So if you bring up phylloxera or coloure, make sure to describe what those things are.

    Reach out if you have any other questions or would like some help studying!

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