MW Topic of the Week - LABOR

Hi guys,

This time, let's focus on one specific question.

From the 2017 exam:

Labour supply for vineyard work is decreasing in many parts of the world. If this trend continues, how will this affect viticulture, and how can vineyard managers around the world best prepare for, and handle, a shortage of workers? 

Excited to hear everyone's thoughts!


Kelli, , Sarah Bray

  • Well the key is to look at the broad scope. What about established vineyards that are planted without mechanization in mind? Etna certainly can’t not be hand harvested. So the answer has to address both established and new plantings, managing labor forces, considering increases in pay (which will in turn affect price of the wine). Understanding required investments in machinery, training into spur from cane pruned vines, making sure vineyard row widths can cope with machinery... all of this needs to be addressed.

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