MW Topic of the Week: Technical Specifications

Time to get excited/scared about paper 3!

Here's a question from the 2019 exam: 

What are the key factors to consider in drawing up a technical specification for:
a white dessert wine bottled at source with 150 g/l of residual sugar; and an entry-level red wine imported in bulk with 4g/l of residual sugar.

Reading this question prompted me to do some digging on technical specifications - there are different document styles for bottled and bulk products. I've attached a technical specification sheet for bulk Australian Chardonnay/Viognier blend.

Our key understanding here is that the goal is to ensure that the bottled product will be stable when sold to the consumer, and that the bulk product will be stable when transferred for final treatment before bottling.

Who wants to chat microbes, dissolved oxygen, sulfur dioxide levels, and more!?