MW Topic of the Week: Fortified Wine Trends (P4)

This week’s topic is from the 2019 exam: How can the fortified wine category evolve to address current consumer trends?

So since this is a paper 4 question, we’re looking at questions about routes to market, marketing, etc. not at production per se. Consider the role of regional promotional bodies, external events, new categories like en Rama, possible use in cocktails, etc. 

Kelli White 

  • Thank you for all the great articles. When I visited IVDP (Port & Douro Institute) last year, they told me how hard it was for the producers to approve rosé Port. Many of them were against it and the Institute saw it as a rising category. Now producers are happily blending Port into cocktails and selling Port-tonic on their tasting rooms (Porto Cruz as one example), to make Port more approachable for young consumers.

    On another note, Sauternes is also struggling with sales and recently some producers have been accused of betraying their heritage by using it in cocktails to attract young drinkers. Count Alexandre de Lur Saluces (Yquem) is obviously against it.

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