Editorial Mission

GuildSomm is a nonprofit international membership organization for wine professionals and others in the beverage industry. We promote education and community through our website, podcast, videos, app, and in-person events.

Our editorial mission is to publish high-quality, in-depth content on topics important to beverage professionals, highlighting varied voices and employing a rigorous fact-checking process to ensure accuracy of content.

 Editorial Process

Our editorial process includes editing, copyediting, proofreading, and fact-checking. All GuildSomm materials have gone through this process, and corrections can be made at any time. GuildSomm members and the public are invited to make us aware of errors and inaccuracies by posting on our website or reaching out to staff at the email addresses provided on the website.

Ethics & Standards

GuildSomm strives to be above reproach in its content and staff conduct. We uphold the values of accuracy, integrity, fairness, transparency, and independence in our published work.

We aim to offer content that is error free, precise, and balanced. GuildSomm’s articles and other materials should be presented with all appropriate context. Sources should be cited whenever possible, and plagiarism is never accepted.

GuildSomm writers, whether on staff or contracted, are expected to:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Carefully vet sources
  • Verify information
  • Rely on original sources where possible
  • Provide credit
  • Refrain from plagiarism


GuildSomm members can identify errors in our content by commenting on content pages or flagging issues in the public forums. Members and other readers can also contact us by email. The editor can be reached at stacy@guildsomm.com.

 When mistakes have been identified in GuildSomm content, we will make every effort to promptly correct them.