Back and Forth

  • Millennial vs. Gen X Wine Tastes

    Millennials Alex Ring and Davana Bolton and Gen Xers Kelli White and Geoff Kruth offer perspectives on their experiences, values, and preferences in our back-and-forth on generational differences in the world of wine.
    • 5 Jul 2019
  • Directions in Napa Winemaking

    In the time since I moved to Napa Valley nearly seven years ago, a great many things have changed. Shortly after my arrival, Robert Parker ended his decades-long tenure as the preeminent California wine critic and passed the reins to his then-heir apparent Antonio Galloni. A few years later, the pieces shuffled again when Parker sold a majority stake of The Wine Advocate, causing Galloni to start his own publication,…

    • 15 Apr 2017
  • An Interview with The HoseMaster of Wine ™

    It is difficult not to write satire.
    -Juvenal, 1st Century Rome

    When I see a social media link to a new post from the HoseMaster of Wine—the alter ego of former sommelier Ron Washam—I always click. That's more than I can say for most wine blogs. My feelings on his writing are complicated: sometimes I think it merely fuels the fire of the disgruntled, but I also know it fills a critical void. As a profession, we have to…

    • 23 Jun 2016
  • Debating Ten Food and Wine Pairings

    In our new installment of Back-and-Forth,  and take on 10 simple dishes and pick the first pairing that comes to mind. Feel free to argue the point, disregard, write off, cheer, question...or just add your own honest opinion in the...

    • 31 Mar 2016
  • Two Snarky Guys Tell You How to Write Your Wine List...

    If one asks two Sommeliers, two wine writers, or hell... two of anybody in this business the same exact question, one is liable to get two completely different and often contradictory answers. So we learn to live with ambivalence and more than a bit of...
    • 7 Jul 2015