Laura Maniec

  • The Seven Champagne Grapes

    I had the great pleasure of working harvest in Champagne in 2010 with Aurelien Laherte from Laherte Freres in Chavot, just outside of Epernay in the Vallee de La Marne. I can't begin to tell you how much I learned from him. One of the many intriguing lessons I learned was the difference between the seven Champagne grapes and what each grape varietal can add to a blend. Les Clos, the single vineyard plot behind the house…

    • Feb 17, 2011
  • Thank You

    Becoming a Master Sommelier takes dedication, time, passion and patience. More than anything else it takes the support and love of friends, family and colleagues. Having just settled back in NYC after exams, the only thing I can think about is how lucky we are to have each other. This, my first post is dedicated to all of YOU that have helped me fulfill my dream. I hope if I am speaking about YOU without using your name, you…

    • Feb 25, 2009