Expanded Guide to Greece

As anyone who has been there can attest, Greece stands in contrast to the rest of Europe, of which it is technically—sometimes tenuously—a member. With its Hellenic alphabet, tilting columns, and endless relics, Greece harkens back to both a different world and a different time. The same is true of its wines. Greece’s archaic varieties and distinctive wine styles belong to neither the aristocratic Old World nor the free-wheeling New World. This is the ancient world of wine, and while Greece may have taken a long pause from global domination, a renewed interest in diversity and value (both of which Greek wine has in spades!) has it poised to shake its underdog status once and for all.

Our new expanded guide traces Greece’s history back to the earliest days of its wine production (2,500 BCE) through to today. It discusses the topography and climate of Greece, as well as the country’s complex network of mountain chains and waterways. All major grape varieties and PDOs are discussed in detail, historic and contemporary wine styles are explored, and common labeling terms are explained.

In short, this is an essential work for the serious study of Greek wine. Expanded Guides are available with a full GuildSomm membership.

Kelli White, Senior Staff Writer

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