First E-Learning Course: Spain

We have released our first-ever e-learning course, part of a new, interactive e-learning portal that we will continue to expand in the coming months. We will eventually link directly to the portal from the site, but for now, you can access it here for a free excerpt, or to register for the first full module, focused on Spain.

Make sure you are currently logged into GuildSomm, then go to the new e-learning site. From the "Log in" button at the top right-hand corner, you can log into the portal with your existing GuildSomm account.

Test out the content with a free excerpt of the Spain module, or register for the full course for a course fee of $35, which will help us build new modules. Payment is currently proceeded via PayPal, but you can pay with a credit card and it does not require a PayPal account.

Please let us know your feedback as we are planning many more of these courses!

Find the new content here:

  • Just taking it.  I need the pronunciation and I felt the same need on spelling for fill in blank. Would be cumbersome to have to keep trying to spell to see the correct answer. Instead if spelled incorrectly have it recommend the correct spelling once accepting the answer. I love that you are offering these for different types of learning/learners.

  • agree on the phonetic spelling... but not on making it easier. Learning the correct spelling of foreign words should be part of our training. In my personal experience - in both courses I took on Italian wines (Italian Wine Specialist and Italian Wine Ambassador) spelling errors were counted as negative and influenced the final score... and I support this. I get corrected all the times when I butcher an English word or name (my first language is Italian) and this should apply also to English speaking people. So... making it difficult should motivate people to really pay attention to the spelling. My 2 cents on this. 

  • I'm so happy you are doing this and I will personally take full advantage of the offer! Great job! 

  • Great project, thank you!
    Went through the excerpt and signed up for the full course. Hope to see more coming: Count me in for whatever else you are preparing! 

  • This is fabulous!  And $35 course fee is NOTHING!  People spend more than that for a wine over the weekend.  I think that this course is more than worth that! Love the Galicia Video, so informative.  Well done!