2013 Blind Tasting Series Part 3/3

In the final of three podcasts on blind tasting, Matt Stamp interviews Geoff Kruth on his blind tasting techniques follwed by a blind tasting of four wines.


If you want to download the podcast file directly you can visit www.guildpodcast.com

Or you can listen to an MP3 Version here.

  • Thanks for helping me understand the process of blind tasting. I now use the tasting grid as a guide to further develop my education on theory.  No more just cinnamon,

    nutmeg, clove, vanilla, and baking spices:)  

  • Always informative and exciting to hear an MS go through a blind tasting. Also, Geoff Kruth  did an awesome job in "Somm," which is now playing. I was lucky enough to meet the filmmaker Jason Wise the other night and praise him on the fantastic job he did with the film!

  • Great points!  Really helpful with the pyrazine and terpene language.  Thank you!

  • A really good reminder to think 'what is the purpose of what I am saying' during tasting (identify the forest by the trees rather than just giving intricate detail of bark and leaf shape).  Very useful.  Thank you.

  • Masters Stamp and Kruth, I also thought this was a very valuble presentation. After listening to the Podcast earlier this week I suggested to our study group that we listen with the wines in front of us. We were able to replicate some of the wines (Soucherie, a smaradg by Pichler, Brovia Villera (08) and Duckhorn. It was a fantastic learning experience for all of us to taste along with you. It really hit home that we can make better, smarter conclusions by just putting the theory into practise. Thank You!