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GuildSomm Career Series: Package Design & Branding

This month on the GuildSomm podcast, we're hosting a special series focused on careers in the wine industry. We're releasing one episode per week throughout the month of May, featuring interviews with wine professionals whose careers highlight lesser-known paths within the industry.

For our fourth and final episode in the series, GuildSomm Director of Strategic Partnerships  interviews Kevin Shaw, the founder of Stranger & Stranger, a packaging design and branding company specializing in alcoholic beverages. They discuss the importance of design in making a wine or spirit stand out on a shelf, the jobs that contribute to the production of a label, and Kevin's vision for innovation in wine packaging.

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Bored from his job in tech advertising in the 1990s, Kevin Shaw founded Stranger & Stranger to design wine labels as a hobby. Stranger is now one of the leading firms in the field of alcoholic beverage packaging, with studios in London, New York, and San Francisco. Clients range from global players like Bacardi and Beam Suntory to one-person startups. Stranger labels up over a billion bottles and cans every year, winning hundreds of awards along the way, and has created brands worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Toward the end of this podcast, Emily and Kevin discuss Kevin's cameo in an episode of the BBC show "Britain's Really Disgusting Drinks." Watch the clip here.