Coffee and Restaurants

In our latest podcast, host and Master Sommelier  explores the importance of coffee in restaurant beverage programs by tracking it from farm to cup with special guests from the Washington coffee community. Scott Richardson, the co-owner of Herkimer Coffee, explains sourcing and quality, followed by a live roasting session with Herkimer's head roaster, Brian James, and a discussion of coffee grading and service with Ryan Vigil, the co-owner of Carte Coffee.

Herkimer Coffee is an iconic roaster of specialty coffees that has been operating in Seattle for 20 years. Carte Coffee in Walla Walla was first established as a food truck in 2017 and now has a brick-and-morter shop.

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In this episode:

Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson is a partner at Herkimer Coffee, where he oversees the wholesale department. He is also a green buyer and works closely with producers and key accounts. Scott fell in love with coffee while working a technology job in Seattle. Before joining Herkimer, he owned a coffee drive-thru and worked for Caffee Vita for over 10 years. He has worked at Herkimer since 2007.

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Brian James

Brian James is the head roaster at Herkimer Coffee. He has worked throughout all facets of the industry, from barista to roaster to green coffee buyer. He believes that coffee is at its best when the focus is on the people who produce it and the rich history and culture of the places where it is grown.

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Ryan Vigil

Ryan James is the co-owner of Carte Coffee, a speciality coffee shop in Walla Walla that is focused on serving single-origin coffees and on coffee education. Ryan has worked in specialty coffee for over 10 years and is a certified Q Arabica Grader. He has also spent time in the wine industry, working at Washington wineries including Brooke & Bull, Reininger, and Dunham Cellars. 

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