Consumer Trends

In this episode, GuildSomm Executive Director  speaks with Rob McMillan and Philana Bouvier to explore consumer trends in the beverage industry. Rob is the executive vice president and founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division, which publishes the annual State of the Wine Industry Report. Philana is a visionary leader and the president of Demeine Estates in Napa Valley.

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In this episode:

Rob McMillan

Rob McMillan is the executive vice president of Silicon Valley Bank's Wine Division and one of the top wine-business analysts in the United States. He authors the annual State of the Wine Industry Report from the Silicon Valley Bank and the blog SVB on Wine.

Rob has worked in banking for over 35 years and with SVB for over 25 years. He launched the Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division in the 1990s. In his current role, he establishes new winery relationships and serves as a strategic consultant to the bank's clients. He is also a prominent speaker.

Philana Bouvier

Philana Bouvier is the president of Demeine Estates, a fine wine sales and marketing company with a portfolio that includes Heitz Cellar, Burgess, Stony Hill, Champagne Legras & Haas, and others.

Phillana previously served as the vice president of supplier business development at RNDC and as the senior vice president of new business development at Young's Market Company. She is co-founder of Be the Change, which works to create a diverse alcohol beverage industry through facilitating job placement and career building for those in communities underrepresented in the drinks business.She also serves on the board of Lift Collective.