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Demeter Certification with Steven Thompson

In our latest podcast, host and Master Sommelier  interviews Steven Thompson, the cofounder of Analemma Wines. Chris and Steven discuss the history and approach of Analemma Wines and its home, the Columbia Gorge AVA, then dive into a conversation about the requirements, ideals, and challenges of Demeter Biodynamic Certification.

Steven Thompson and Kris Fade founded Analemma Wines in the Columbia Gorge in 2010. They received biodynamic certification from Demeter in 2017 and released their first certified biodynamic wines in 2020. Analemma’s 52-acre property, Mosier Hills Estate, is planted to a range of grapes, with a focus on varieties from Galicia, Spain.

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In This Episode

Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson first became interested in wine as a bicycle tour guide leading trips through Europe, New Zealand, the Americas, and Turkey. He received a degree in enology and viticulture at Walla Walla Community College, then worked at Cayuse Vineyards, where he expanded his understanding of biodynamic farming practices.

Steven and Kris Fade founded Analemma Wines in the Columbia Gorge in 2010. Today, they farm the 52-acre Mosier Hills Estate, a certified biodynamic regenerative farm that includes unique grapes from Galicia, Spain, as well as orchards, gardens, and livestock.

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