Hungary with Tamás Czinki MS

In our latest podcast, host and Master Sommelier Chris Tanghe explores the diverse wine styles of Hungary, including the iconic and incredibly complex sweet wines of Tokaj as well as lesser-known dry wines from multiple regions. Our guest this month is Hungary’s first Master Sommelier, Tamás Czinki, from Budapest, who is the wine director of the Felix restaurant and consults for Culinaris Wholesale, where he is developing an extensive portfolio of fine wines. Previously, Tamás spent a decade in the UK, where he was the head sommelier for the Northcote hotel in Lancashire and regularly competed in sommelier competitions, placing second in the 2018 Best Sommelier of the United Kingdom event. Thanks for listening. If you enjoy this episode, please leave us a review, as it helps us connect and grow the GuildSomm community. Cheers!

In this episode:

Tamas Czinki MS

Tamas Czinki MS was the first Hungarian Master Sommelier. Based in Budapest, he works as a Wine Director for Felix Kitchen and Bar and a consultant for Culinaris Wholesale where he is developing an extended portfolio of fine wines.

Previously Tamas spent nearly 10 years in the UK where he worked as a Head Sommelier at Northcote Hotel and was a runner-up for Best Sommelier of UK 2018.

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