Podcast: Interview with John Hoskins, MW on the tasting exam for the Masters of Wine

For this month's podcast we interview John Hoskins, MW, chair of the tasting examination panel for the Institute of Masters of Wine on the MW tasting exam and how it differs from the approach of the Court of Master Sommeliers.You can now subscribe via iTunes by searching for Guild of Sommeliers



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  • Nothing against the MW route but this made me further appreciate how The Court examines it's blind tasting methods and standards, very insightful Geoff. Thank you.

  • Being apart of both organizations, the information was very informative and assists me with the difficulties of doing both and differences both have to offer!  

  • These podcasts are a fantastic resource, I've listened to most of them on more than one occasion. Keep up the great work, I look forward to new ones whenever they are done.

  • I have had interest in both programs as I approach the industry from different angles.  This was a great insight into the MW.  Thanks for putting this together, Geoff, great interview.

  • That would totally depend on the way you framed the tasting. In my opinion, from the perspective of identifying varietal and origin, it would not be much of a competition. From the perspective of writing a well formed argument as to the difference in winemaking techniques or comparative quality the same would be true from the opposite side. My opinion might not be fully justified, but I have never felt that tasting is the strength of the MW approach and examinations. These two examinations really test very different skill sets, and I think we can both learn  a tremendous amount from each other.