Tasting with GuildSomm: Why Do We Blind Taste?

We're adding a regular tasting series to the GuildSomm podcast! In addition to our monthly wine topics, we'll be releasing monthly podcast episodes devoted to the theme of tasting. We'll cover a wide spectrum of tasting subjects, including blind tasting study methods, challenging comparatives, full-length tasting sessions with GuildSomm members, and more.

To kick off the first episode in this new series, Director of Education MS  introduces GuildSomm's new Executive Director, . They discuss why blind tasting is so much more than a parlor trick and why this skillset is essential for a successful wine career. 

We hope you enjoy this new series. Leave us a comment and review wherever you get your podcasts. Cheers!

  • Understanding factors of different wines, methods, and characteristics that determine quality are important. Blind tasting has always been a consistent study and being able to hone in on this will allow us to make sound purchases for our wine lists within the industry. What a great podcast! Cheers!