Unexpected Booze

In this episode, the GuildSomm team explores wines made from fruit other than grapes. Stacy Ladenburger interviews Michael Terrien about his Maine blueberry wine label, Bluet, and co-fermentation projects at his Sonoma Winery, Obsidian Ridge, and  speaks with  about her family's meadery in Ferndale, Michigan. The episode closes with another opportunity for listeners to practice blind tasting, in a conversation between  and .

In this episode:

Michael Terrien is the winemaker for Bluet, and is also involved in Obsidian Ridge Winery, Terrien Wines, and Bêcheur, among other projects. 

Alyson Schramm Naeger runs Schramm's Mead in Ferndale, MI.

Hai Tran is a member of Sommation_Live, an Instagram community for wine professionals.

Blind wine reveal:

Chris Tanghe reveals the wine he tasted in our Sangiovese episode (spoiler alert!). You can find that wine here