Wine Chemistry

An in-depth interview with UC Davis Professor of Enology Dr. Andrew Waterhouse on the chemistry of wine.

Dr. Waterhouse's book Understanding Wine Chemistry is recommended for those who want to explore this topic in more depth.

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  • This is excellent. extremely informative

  • Fascinating interview. Understanding the chemistry behind the typical markers of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc makes mechanical harvesting, for example, a far more interesting topic to explore. I wonder if the "don't drink red wine with fish" proponents of the past were drinking iron-rich reds. Thank you for this podcast. I am ordering the book right now!

  • Insightful. Thanks to the both of you for presenting a complex subject in ways that the consumer and wine professional can understand!

  • As a Chemist turned Wine Enthusiast, I compleltely appreciates this Podcast, especially the last few minutes when Dr Waterhouse discusses the wine world’s use of chemistry language! Sommeliers and folks in the wine biz use chemistry terms in ways that drive me a little insane. Take the word, aromatic.  To a chemist, the word has a completely different meaning than in the wine world. During my first official wine course, I couldn’t fathom what my instructor meant by certain grapes are more aromatic than others... I kept thinking Riesling and Torrontes had more ring-type structures such as benzene. After awhile I’ve grown to accept the wine world’s alternate use of “our” chemistry vernacular.