Study Strategies: Part 2

In the second webinar in the series, Chris Tanghe MS and Ashley Hausman MW team up and take study strategy one step further. Find out how you can better train for the tasting portion of the CMS exams. Chris will speak to all levels and share tips for optimizing your budget and time for quality study. Ashley will explain what the Theory portion of the MW exam entails and how she incorporated specific drills, tools, and techniques into her practice leading up to game day.

Note: The video can be made full screen by clicking the button to the left of the Vimeo logo.

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  • Hi  ! Thanks for taking the time to watch. I was fortunate to major in English, so I had many years to sharpen the old 5-paragraph essay. I actually reached out to my MW FB group a few weeks ago to glean a few more recommendations for students who want to improve their writing. They passed along some great ideas. There is a book that is called Writing Successful Essays by the Open University Press. I saw some used copies online. A couple MWs actually refer students to The Economist for its tight use of language and structure. I love that. I recall an English professor my freshman year in college had us dissect The New Yorker and The Atlantic Monthly for its rhetorical devices. Another great recommendation is Tim Wildman's website -- there is a section with four films on essay writing techniques for the MW exam. Just head to Exam Techniques > Theory. Finally, once you are a student, you have access to even more study resources through the Institute. Best of luck to you! ;)