Our Continued Work to Ensure GuildSomm is a Safe Space

As we continue working to make GuildSomm as safe a space as possible, we have partnered with Empowered Hospitality to implement an Incident Reporting system on the GuildSomm website, located under the “About” navigation tab. This resource is available to GuildSomm members, employees, board members, contractors, and vendors to report any wrongful incident experienced at a GuildSomm event or class, or through an online interaction.

All reports are sent directly to Empowered Hospitality staff who will initiate contact, conduct a full investigation, and determine appropriate next steps and resolutions. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

Our aim is to provide safe pathways for addressing harmful behaviors and to contribute to the overall health of our industry. Abusive and hurtful practices will not be tolerated at GuildSomm.