Eric Danch

  • Tokaj Part 2: Quality Over Quantity

    In the first installment, we looked at what first made Tokaj a classic wine region, why it nearly disappeared, and how it’s reemerging today in a relevant way. This article will focus on how a new generation is embracing the appellation’s history and pedigree while also improving farming and winemaking, adjusting to new wines laws, and aiming for high quality across the board.

    Tokaj, like the other 21 appellations…

    • Dec 23, 2016
  • Tokaj Part 1: Sweet Relevance

    Personally, I remember a similar situation in 1992 to 1993 when we were changing five percent of the area during the privatization. Today, we are changing eighty percent. At that time, we asked for twenty-five years of experience. Today, we have the twenty-five years of experience. Twenty-five years ago, we were only five persons working. Now we are hundreds.
    - Winemaker Samuel Tinon

    Hungarians are chronic storytellers…

    • Dec 7, 2016