• Rum

    In this episode, Master Sommelier  explores the vast world of rum. First, he interviews Shawn Martin, distillery manager of Papa's Pilar Rum in Key West, who discusses the production methods used to make myriad styles of rum. Then, Chris speaks with Ian Burrell, the global rum ambassador, about rum's origins in the Caribbean, how the colonial power of the Royal Navy informs the legacy of rum, and how the…

    • 20 Jan 2022
  • Emerging Wine Regions: Vermont & The Finger Lakes

    In this episode, we explore two wine regions in the northeastern United States. While Vermont and northern New York State are both located in the extremes of viticultural viability, both regions have emerged as hubs of quality wine production.  interviews Master Sommelier  about his winemaking venture in northwestern Vermont and then speaks with Meaghan Frank about her family's multi-generational…

    • 13 Oct 2021
  • Remembering Becky Wasserman

    In light of Becky Wasserman’s passing last month, we are rereleasing this 2019 conversation Becky had with our staff writer, . Becky had a profound impact on the careers, palates, and personal lives of wine professionals across the globe. She will be remembered as a champion of the underdog and a pioneer who opened wine industry doors for small producers, for women, and for Burgundy.

    At the end of the…

    • 17 Sep 2021
  • Rosé & Orange Wines

    In this episode, the GuildSomm team delves into rosé wines and white wines made with skin contact. First,  interviews Master of Wine  about all things rosé. They discuss pink wine's varied and often misunderstood production methods, whether a rosé's color connotes quality, and Elizabeth's recommendations for emerging rosé-producing regions. Later, 

  • Wine Pairings: Music & Food

    In this episode, we discuss wine pairings on multiple dimensions. First,  interviews Master of Wine  about her career as a classical pianist and how her first passion inspired the topic of her MW Research Paper: pairing Champagne with classical music. Then, Bryce and  dive into a friendly debate to settle the question of whether wine and food pairings are all they’re cracked up to…

    • 10 Aug 2021
  • Managing Old & New Vines

    In this episode, we discuss managing a vineyard from the perspective of two winemakers.  interviews Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Co. about the benefits and challenges of working with old vines, and  speaks with Matt Crafton of Chateau Montelena about the technical, environmental, and financial considerations behind replanting a vineyard to new vines. 

    This month’s blind tasting segment …

    • 13 Jul 2021
  • Soju & Sake

    In this episode, GuildSomm Interim Executive Director  interviews two entrepreneurs who specialize in east Asian beverages. Master Sommelier  discusses how his company, KMS Imports, is creating a market for Korean soju and other artisanal beverages in the US. Later, Todd Bellomy describes the production process and styles of sake and the vision behind Farthest Star Sake, his forthcoming sake brewery…

    • 8 Jun 2021
  • Career Series: Packaging Design & Branding

    This month on the GuildSomm podcast, we're hosting a special series focused on careers in the wine industry. We're releasing one episode per week throughout the month of May, featuring interviews with wine professionals whose careers highlight lesser-known paths within the industry.

    For our fourth and final episode in the series, GuildSomm Director of Strategic Partnerships  interviews Kevin…

    • 30 May 2021
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