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  • Kelli White: Interview: Soil Health

    In this latest interview article, I asked a handful of growers about their thoughts and practices as pertains to soil health. As you will see, the questions elicited a lot of passion! Many answers are lengthy, but are well worth reading through, as t...
    • 23 Aug 2018
  • Kelli White: Major Maladies of the Vine

    Farming is a challenge, to say the least. Not only do farmers have to contend with the vagaries of the increasingly vagarious seasons, they also have to face an evolving roster of pestilences. Arguably, vineyard managers have it easier than conventio...
    • 19 Jul 2018
  • Mary Margaret McCamic: Practical Applications for Blind Tasting

    Blind tasting. For those who have taken the types of wine exams that require it, these two little words conjure up a mix of emotions: fear, excitement, frustration, and, for those who’ve succeeded at it, elation. Most wine professionals with bl...
    • 5 Jul 2018
  • Kelli White: So You Want to Be a Wine Importer?

    When I was first learning about wine, a wise man told me to always turn the bottle around and note the importer. His logic was that, if you liked a certain wine, there was a good chance you’d enjoy other wines from the same portfolio. This appr...
    • 28 Jun 2018
  • Kelli White: The Story of Buena Vista

    The object of my travels is especially to note down everything in which the Europeans surpass us, and afterward lay them before the citizens of the United States. – Agoston Haraszthy, Grape Culture, Wines, and Wine-Making Few in the annals of w...
    • 2 Jun 2018
  • Kelli White: Interview: Managing Oxygen in Red Wine Making

    Oxygen is the enemy of wine. This is well understood. Leave the cork out of a bottle, or the bung out of a barrel, for long enough and even the most stalwart wine will sour and decay. And yet oxygen exposure during fermentation and élevage is ...
    • 18 May 2018
  • Bryce Wiatrak: Tempranillo Wars

    Bryce Wiatrak discusses five ways in which typical categorization of Rioja and Ribera del Duero producers as either traditional or modern ignores important nuances within the regions.
    • 11 May 2018
  • Kelli White: Making Sense of Mendocino

    Senior Staff Writer Kelli White discusses Mendocino County's winemaking history, AVAs, and current developments, considering both its well known coastal side and the inland area home to sprawling old vines.
    • 19 Apr 2018
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